North Road, South Molton

Focus on Design were commissioned by Linden Homes Strategic to undertake an initial land appraisal on this large area of land on the outer edge of South Molton.

Following the initial conceptual work, and working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, we developed a Masterplan and also public exhibition material which formed part of two public consultation events.

Our appointment was extended following the decision to submit a hybrid application which included a Detailed Phase 1 for 115 properties and an Outline Phase 2 for 135 properties and a Medical Centre.

The homes were designed to reflect the strong local vernacular and included some bespoke properties on the higher ground.

Following close collaboration with North Devon District Council and key consultees, the hybrid application was approved for 250 properties in Outline including a Medical Centre, the first 125 dwellings of which we also approved in detail.

Skills:  Architectural Design, Land appraisal, Planning application, Public Consultation, Urban Design
North Road, South Molton - Focus On Design